Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc. Offering Comprehensive Healthcare Staffing Across Southern California

Grand News Network | July 4, 2024

United States, 4th Jul 2024, King NewsWire - Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc., a healthcare staffing company, has offered comprehensive healthcare staffing services across Southern California under Betzabe Wintermute’s leadership. The company provides temporary and permanent placements, enabling healthcare facilities to access skilled and dedicated staff.

Headquartered in Westlake Village, CA, Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc. addresses various staffing needs, including nursing and other medical roles. It supports both employers and job seekers in the healthcare industry. 

Betzabe Wintermute’s journey from Peru to becoming the CEO of Jorge 360 Staffing exemplifies determination and hard work. Her upbringing in Peru instilled a profound appreciation for education and ambition, which has fueled her success in the United States. Wintermute’s leadership has turned Jorge 360 Staffing into a prominent medical staffing agency in Malibu, offering services nationwide.

Nurse Staffing: Jorge 360 Staffing addresses nurse shortages with evidence-based policies and best practices, bolstering qualified nurses are available for healthcare facilities.

Hospital Staffing: Meeting hospital demands with experienced and trained healthcare staff; Jorge 360 Staffing provides reliable staffing solutions for quality healthcare delivery.

Permanent Placement: Jorge 360 Staffing offers a network of pre-screened and qualified talents for permanent roles, matching candidates to fit the specific needs of healthcare providers.

Temporary Placement: Jorge 360 Staffing provides flexible staffing solutions to meet seasonal and short-term demands, helping manage workforce needs efficiently and cost-effectively.

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About Betzabe Wintermute:

Betzabe Wintermute’s inspiring journey from immigrant to successful business leader exemplifies determination and resilience. Originally from Peru, Wintermute overcame cultural and language barriers to pursue her professional ambitions in the United States. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish Jorge 360 Staffing, Malibu’s leading medical staffing agency. The agency specializes in providing travel nurses and allied health professionals nationwide and is known for its seamless staffing solutions for hospitals, nursing homes, and outpatient facilities.

Under Wintermute’s leadership, Jorge 360 Staffing has built a reputation for quality and efficiency, supporting healthcare providers and job seekers in the industry.

About Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc.:

Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc. is a healthcare staffing company based in Westlake Village, CA, serving Southern California. Under the leadership of CEO Betzabe Wintermute, the company provides temporary and permanent staffing solutions, including nurses and other medical roles. Its mission is to improve community health. Jorge 360 Staffing, Inc. supports employers with staffing needs and job seekers in finding opportunities within the healthcare industry.

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