Our own mining farm, the difference of trxkey

Grand News Network | June 18, 2024

Singapore, 18th Jun 2024 - trxkey is a global enterprise committed to decentralization and diversification, driving the development of next-generation cryptocurrency mining. We are a global enterprise driven by entrepreneurial leaders and state-of-the-art technology.
trxkey is a pioneer in the mining industry. We are vigorously expanding and designing state-of-the-art Bitcoin mining operations to optimize fleet infrastructure. By focusing on hydroelectric power and private local natural gas, we keep costs and environmental impact low.

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1. Experienced internal operations bring high efficiency

Using technology to drive our success and longevity

Our experienced operations team provides real-time updates with the support of our proprietary software system, enabling fast response times, supporting our miners to mine in the best way and maintain very high uptime performance levels.

2. Innovative facilities and design

① Designed for stability
Our mining farms are designed for efficiency, consistency and stability. With innovative designs such as overhead cable troughs, enhanced natural airflow and high-capacity transformers, our facilities are optimized for excellent miner performance and convenient service access.
② Efficient power supply for more miners
99% of our mining machines are powered by green hydropower, and the average cost is maintained at about $0.04/kWh. Combined with our recently updated and powerful fleet of mining machines, our mining efficiency is higher than ever before.
③ Low cost/high uptime
By adopting sustainable methods to keep energy costs low, we are able to focus on maintaining the current average uptime of 99%. Low cost and high uptime make trxkey a leader in Bitcoin mining in terms of profitability and efficiency.
④ Decentralized operations
We believe in the value of diversified and global operations. We have 11 operating mines in 4 countries on two continents: Canada, the United States, Argentina and Paraguay.

trxkey official channel: https://t.me/TRXkey_Official_Channel
trxkey official group: https://t.me/TRXkey2013

trxkey invitation link: https://trxkey.boats/index.html#/register/262376
The invitation code is: 262376

Friends who are interested, come and join us quickly
3. Our vision
Empower the digital financial economy through trust, transparency and high industry standards. Leading by operating an innovative, sustainable and industrial-scale Bitcoin mining operation, engaging communities around the world.

Media Contact

Organization: TRXKEY

Contact Person: John

Website: https://trxkey.boats/index.html#/register/262376

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