Stankevicius International Completes Registration on Verra to Broker Carbon Credits for Global Buyers

Grand News Network | June 14, 2024

New York, NY, United States, 14th Jun 2024, King NewsWire – Stankevicius International is thrilled to announce its successful registration on Verra, positioning the company to broker carbon credits to international buyers. This milestone marks a significant step in Stankevicius International's commitment to promoting sustainable practices and combating climate change through innovative carbon trading solutions.

In line with this initiative, Stankevicius International is currently integrating a carbon credit purchase system on the GO platform ( Starting July 2024, international buyers will have the opportunity to purchase carbon credits directly via the Stankevicius International GO interactive trade platform, simplifying the process and making it more accessible for businesses and investors worldwide.

Focus on Voluntary Carbon Credit Projects

Stankevicius International's primary focus is on brokering voluntary carbon credit projects sourced from Verra and the International Carbon Registry. These projects are crucial in supporting global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainable development.

"We are excited to leverage our registration with Verra to bring high-quality carbon credit projects to the international market," said Paulius Stankevicius, CEO and Founder at Stankevicius International. “Our platform will provide a seamless experience for buyers and investors, enabling them to participate in meaningful projects that contribute to global sustainability goals.”

Stankevicius International Completes Registration on Verra to Broker Carbon Credits for Global Buyers

Diverse Portfolio of Global Projects

Stankevicius International has already curated a diverse portfolio of global carbon credit projects. These projects, which include reforestation, renewable energy, and community-based initiatives, will be available to global buyers and investors starting in July 2024. By offering a variety of projects, Stankevicius International aims to cater to different interests and impact areas, ensuring that every investment contributes to the broader goal of environmental stewardship.

About Stankevicius International

Stankevicius International is at the forefront of revolutionizing the physical commodity trading sector through digitalization. The company’s GO platform offers an innovative and user-friendly environment for traders and investors, ensuring secure and efficient transactions backed by advanced technology and market expertise. 

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For more information, visit GO Platform: and explore our upcoming carbon credit purchase system.

This press release aims to inform the public and stakeholders about Stankevicius International's latest achievements and future plans in the carbon credit market. The company's efforts to facilitate the purchase of carbon credits through an interactive platform reflect its commitment to sustainability and global environmental goals.

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