The Top 5 ADC Champions of League of Legends Season 14

Brand News 24 | March 22, 2024

With the onset of League of Legends Season 14, players are on the hunt for the best ADC champions to dominate the Summoner's Rift. In our latest article, we highlight the standout champions you should be experimenting with this season. Check out the latest ranking of the Best LoL ADC Champions according Esports Center.

Spain, 22nd Mar 2024 - Each League of Legends season brings forth new gameplay mechanics and champions, offering a fresh experience for players. For those looking to excel in the ADC role, choosing the right champion is crucial for success on the Summoner's Rift.

In our article, "The Top 5 ADC Champions of League of Legends Season 14," we've carefully selected the champions that shine in the current meta. We utilized various criteria to determine our selection, including win rates, synergy with team compositions, and consultations with reliable sources such as Mobalytics, Reddit, and YouTube.

We spotlight the following champions:

  1. Smolder: A new ADC with fire-themed abilities, perfect for dealing explosive damage on the Rift.
  2. Jinx: With her chaotic and explosive playstyle, Jinx is a formidable force that can deal massive amounts of ranged damage.
  3. Serafina: Popular for her explosive damage and utility in team fights, Serafina is a solid choice for independently maintaining the lane.
  4. Ziggs: With explosive abilities and a control mage playstyle, Ziggs now shines as an ADC, dominating the bottom lane with his ability to deal massive ranged damage.
  5. Zeri: The only ADC champion introduced in Season 12, Zeri stands out for her charge generation and unique abilities.


Finding the right champion that fits your playstyle may take time, but it's essential for success in League of Legends," says Gustavo, Content Editor at Esports Center. "Staying updated with the current game meta is key to improving your performance.

To read the full article and discover more about the top ADC champions of the season, visit check full article here - Best LoL ADC champions for Season 14

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