Evoload EVLD Lists on Binance Smart Chain and MultiversX

Grand News Network | March 20, 2024
Evoload EVLD Lists on Binance Smart Chain and MultiversX

Sibiu, Romania, Romania, 20th Mar 2024 – Evoload is an innovative project that aspires to transform the transportation sector using blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies. It is proud to announce that its native token, $EVLD, will be listed today, 19 March, on the Binance Smart Chain via PancakeSwap and MultiversX through OneDex. This achievement is a significant milestone in Evoload’s mission.

$EVLD, the token powering Evoload’s ecosystem, will debut with a listing price of $0.02. “With the listing of $EVLD on Binance Smart Chain and MultiversX, we are excited to introduce our vision for the future of logistics to a wider audience,” said Razvan Popa, Founder and CEO of Evoload. “This listing represents a milestone for Evoload and a significant step towards creating a transparent, secure, and efficient logistics ecosystem.”

Evoload stands at the forefront of logistics innovation, offering a revolutionary freight exchange platform powered by blockchain and AI technology. The platform leverages blockchain’s security and transparency by seamlessly connecting shippers and carriers to enhance route planning, visibility, and cost-efficiency. 

Twitter Space with Mario Nawfal

On the same day as the exciting listing of Evoload’s native token, $EVLD, on Binance Smart Chain and MultiversX, the founder and CEO, Razvan Popa, participates in an interesting Twitter Space hosted by Mario Nawfal, a prominent figure in the blockchain and business space. This Twitter Space served as a platform for discussing the benefits and implications of Evoload’s innovative approach to revolutionizing the transportation sector through blockchain, AI, and IoT technologies.

The discussion of the space delves into the various benefits that Evoload offers stakeholders, including seamless connectivity, optimal route planning, cost minimization, payment guarantee through smart contracts, stakeholder rewards, enhanced efficiency, transparency, and accountability. Participants can better understand how Evoload’s platform empowers users and facilitates smoother logistics operations, ultimately leading to a more streamlined and cost-effective supply chain ecosystem. Moreover, Razvan Popa can shed light on the advanced products developed by Evoload, such as the Freight Exchange, Mobile App, Digital Shipping Order (DSO), and Drivers Marketplace, emphasizing their transformative impact on traditional shipping processes and logistics operations.

This exciting Twitter Space can serve as an interactive forum where participants can ask questions, share insights, and engage in meaningful discussions about the future of logistics and the role of blockchain and AI technologies in driving innovation and efficiency in the industry. Through this exchange of ideas and perspectives, Evoload can further solidify its position as a leading innovator in AI and blockchain-powered logistics solutions, garnering widespread interest and support from the crypto community and beyond.

What are the Benefits of Evoload?

  • Seamless Connectivity: Evoload provides a decentralized marketplace where shippers, carriers, and other stakeholders can seamlessly connect and transact, facilitating smoother logistics operations.
  • Optimal Route Planning: Leveraging advanced AI technology, Evoload dynamically adapts real-time shipment routes, optimizing efficiency and reducing transportation costs.
  • Cost Minimization: By automating and digitizing processes, Evoload helps minimize unnecessary administrative costs, ensuring more cost-effective logistics operations.
  • Payment Guarantee: Smart contracts and wallet integration lock shipping fees and guarantee amounts in advance, providing security and peace of mind for all parties involved.
  • Stakeholders’ Rewards: Evoload rewards all stakeholders on a mileage basis, incentivizing them to exclusively use the platform’s services and build brand loyalty. 
  • Enhanced Efficiency: For freight forwarders, carriers, drivers, and receivers, Evoload offers a suite of tools and services aimed at enhancing efficiency, streamlining operations, and improving overall experience.
  • Transparency and Accountability: With blockchain technology, Evoload ensures transparency and accountability at every stage of the logistics process, providing a secure and immutable record of transactions.
  • Token Utility: The Evoload token offers various use cases within the platform, including payment for services, staking and rewards, escrow services, ecosystem development, incentivizing data sharing, governance participation, loyalty programs, and more.
  • Integration with IoT Devices: Evoload integrates with IoT devices to enable seamless tracking, monitoring, and management of shipments, ensuring greater visibility and control over logistics operations.
  • Cross-Border Payments: The Evoload token facilitates cross-border payments, allowing shippers to transact with carriers worldwide quickly and efficiently.

Advanced Products Built by Evoload

Evoload has been at the forefront of innovation in the logistics and transportation sector, introducing groundbreaking products that redefine traditional processes and enhance operational efficiency. Here are some of the essential products developed by Evoload:

  • Freight Exchange: Their Freight Exchange is an innovative marketplace where shippers and carriers seamlessly connect and transact. The platform uses blockchain, AI, advanced algorithms, and real-time data to match freight with available capacity, optimize routes, and ensure cost-effective deliveries. This product can streamline the logistics process and drive industry-wide efficiency by revolutionizing how goods are transported.
  • Mobile App: The mobile application offers a user-friendly interface and powerful features that empower users to manage shipments, track orders, and access essential resources from anywhere. Whether monitoring delivery status, communicating with stakeholders, or accessing real-time data, the Evoload mobile app will provide a seamless logistics management experience.
  • Digital Shipping Order (DSO): Integrated into their Freight Exchange, the Digital Shipping Order (DSO) revolutionizes traditional shipping processes by digitizing documentation and streamlining workflows. Businesses can easily manage and track orders online, reducing paperwork, minimizing errors, and improving overall efficiency. By embracing digitalization, they simplify logistics operations and enhance collaboration between stakeholders.
  • Drivers Marketplace: At the heart of the operations lies the Drivers Marketplace, a platform designed to empower drivers and optimize their experience. Through intuitive interfaces, drivers can seamlessly manage their schedules, access important information, and connect to the supply chain. 

A Special Thanks To The Supporters

Evoload expressed gratitude to their community, investors, partners, and clients for their support in revolutionizing the logistics and supply chain industry with blockchain and AI technologies. They thanked their investors, followers, and members for their unwavering support and belief in their vision. The company also recognized and thanked its strategic partners and investing companies for their financial support, collaboration, and expertise. Additionally, Evoload sincerely thanks the 1000+ registered clients who entrusted them with their needs. Overall, their supporters’ continued support fuels their passion and commitment to creating a more efficient, transparent, and sustainable future for transportation.

About Evoload

Evoload is a leading innovator in AI and blockchain-powered logistics solutions. Through its decentralized Freight Exchange platform, Evoload aims to streamline logistics processes, empower stakeholders, and promote sustainability in the industry. For more information about Evoload and $EVLD token, visit evoload.co.

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