PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors Further Solidifies Spot In The Medical Industry With Completion Of New Project

Grand News Network | February 16, 2024

The company is also getting ready to meet any changes in the construction industry and, at the same time, highlighting communication with clients as one of the keys to a successful undertaking.

PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors Further Solidifies Spot In The Medical Industry With Completion Of New Project

Cyprus, 16th Feb 2024 - PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors fortify its foothold in the medical world with a recently completed project in the industry. In just three months, the Cyprus-based company was able to complete the Care Medical Centre. 

The project was for CARE Medical Institute. “All the processes were done by our company - both the design and the execution. We are proud to announce that it was a complete success with the clients receiving a project that fulfilled all their needs in a very tight budget and timescale,” Savvas Menelaou, managing director of PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors, said. 

As stated in its January 2024 press release, PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors anticipates more projects in the medical world, including sub-industries such as chemical labs, having impressed the industry with its renovation work for medical centres, among others. 

More Demands For Apartment Projects Eyed

While PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors is slated to have projects for hotels and student halls, as previously reported, the company is also getting ready for the surge in demands for apartment projects. 

Apartment-related developments are deemed to increase this year. According to PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors, this is due to: 

  • The urbanisation of developed countries and the scarcity of land on hand limits the availability of housing in the cities
  • VAT adjustments in the country, which promote the apartment development rather than housing in urban areas

Recovery Of The Construction Industry

PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors admitted that price increases within 2023 had a big impact on its profitability. The company shared in a press release last year that economic challenges led to a downturn in other sectors, which put the demand for new build projects in a decline. Undeterred, the company increased its resources and simplified the way it does business through its all-around solutions. The company remained steadfast in its decision not to transfer the burden of the changes to clients and running contracts. 

Following last year’s upsurge in the prices that caused a few upheavals, the construction industry is now expected to recover. 

Savvas Menelaou commented, “We first need to evaluate more information with regard to the global changes in the economy. At the moment, it's not clear if the balancing and stability will occur and when and to what extent the interest rates will settle. These two factors are the major pillars in order to get a better understanding of how the development will react.” 

Staying On Top

PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors make sure that it is updated with market trends and needs. Savvas Menelaou stated, “As a company, we stay in tune with the market and its needs. We have been enriching our services in providing design solutions to our clients in order for them to get a visual understanding of what the final outcome will and can be.” 

The company is especially unfazed by snags that cause delays in construction projects. “To handle time delays, we try to administrate all processes of the project and handle all major parts at an early stage,” the Managing Director shared. 

“In order to communicate productively with our clients, we assign a foreman and a project manager at each and every project, where both have a day-to-day exchange of information so decisions can be made on time and with clarity,” Savvas Menelaou said. 

PLACELIFT Remodelling & Renovation Contractors value each of its client’s input. The company ensures that communication lines with its clients remain open. 

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